In order to recieve data from any tax record system, you’ll first need to connect a tax payer. Chart Connect is an embedded onboarding flow that enables tax payers to connect their data in 30 seconds through the following steps.


Open Chart Connect

Tax payers access Chart Connect from within your application. We suggest launching Chart Connect during the tax payer onboarding process.


Connect a provider

  • Read privacy disclosures - Chart Connect discloses data privacy practices right from the start, so your customers know where and how their data is used.
  • Select a provider - Once the user approves, they select their tax record system from Chart’s list of providers.
  • Authenticate access - The user is prompted to log into their account (via credentials or API key if available), granting your application access to their tax record data.

Receive data

That’s it! Upon successful authentication, Chart Connect closes and redirects back to your application.

Once the connection is established, you will recieve a Chart access token and can call the Chart API. At this point you can assure your users that the connection has been set up successfully, and redirect them to other tasks.