Chart is a Unified Tax Collection API that enables you to build a single integration with Chart and instantly sync access customers’ tax records in a structured format. Once Chart is integrated into your application, you can access your customers’ tax transcripts, full tax returns and the documents they filed to tax agencies.

Chart works by allowing your customers (tax payers) to connect their tax record systems (IRS online account, state tax agency websites, tax prep tools, etc.) to your application. This connection process is facilitated through Chart Connect, our tax payer-facing user interface which provides an elegant and secure authorization flow where your customers (tax payers) select their provider, and authorize access to their tax record systems. Upon a successful connection, Chart will issue an access token to your application which is used to make API requests to Chart API endpoints.

Chart Connect

Tax payers connect their data to your application in 3 easy steps, facilitated through Chart Connect.

  • Prioritize privacy: Chart Connect discloses data privacy practices right from the start, so your customers know where and how their data is used. Chart only shares data that has been approved.
  • Select a provider: Once the user approves, they select their tax record system from Chart’s list of providers.
  • Authenticate access: The user is prompted to log into their account (via credentials or API key if available), granting your application access to their tax record data.